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Federação Pernambucana de Handebol – FPEHb

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    Paulo Lima

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    Federação Pernambucana de Handebol


Redesign and brand management

Reformulation of the brand for the Pernambuco Handball Federation. Official entity of the sport in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. Founded in 1973, in 2023 completed 50 years of foundation.

The first institutional rebranding of the brand took place through a set of processes in order to generate value and enhance a new positioning.

There is a concern with your target audience, with improving communication with your affiliates. Adopting a more contemporary language, and entering the digital age once and for all. First, a necessary change in the elements, modernization of the logo, adjustments in institutional colors, was detected in order to adapt to the various mobile devices that exist today.

a new foundation

Aesthetic changes and addition of elements.

Starting, we decided to adjust the shape of the base in the original emblem. Bases with slight curves on the sides bring more smoothness and a better perception of the shape.

In 1973, the Symbol was created with the name of the State as the Base, elements of the state flag, former acronym FPH and the year of foundation.

In 2023, completing 50 years, we decided to update the acronym for FPEHb, with adjustments in the position of the elements.

Inspired by the Pernambuco athlete Samira Rocha, 2013 world champion, we decided to bring a new aesthetic to the throwing movement that existed in the old brand.

In one jump, more dynamic curves and cuts that bring traction and movement.

The colors of the Pernambuco flag are positioned at the top, replacing the name of the state.

A new typographic family was inserted.

The team

The Technical Sheet


— Federação Pernambucana de Handebol


— Ugor
Chief Financial Officer

Creative Design

— Paulo Lima

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