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Sportswear July 16, 2019

Lusitano de Évora x Macron 2023/24 – Portuguese Championship 4

  • Strategy

    Official Equipment

  • Design

    Paulo Lima

  • Client

    Lusitano Ginásio Clube

Open Project

Celebrating its traditional colours

Project developed for Lusitano de Évora in the 2023-24 Portuguese Championship season for Macron. Also known as Lusitano de Évora, is a Portuguese sports club, located in the city of Évora, in Alentejo. Its football team competed for fourteen seasons in the Portuguese first division between 1952 and 1966, being one of the banners with the most presence in the main division and tradition in Portugal. It is also the fourteenth club with the most consecutive appearances.

In the 1951/52 season he achieved the much-desired promotion. Although they did not initially win their series in the first and second phases, in the final phase, where it really mattered, Lusitano prevailed against União de Coimbra, Torriense against Vitória de Setúbal and became National Champion of the II Division 1951/52 .

It is currently one of the main European brands with the quality and competence typical of “Made in Italy” since 1971. BLA Sport, since its inception in 2007, represents the Macron brand in Portugal which has been growing throughout the world; This success is due both to the company’s service and to the quality of its products, which are designed to meet the most demanding needs of athletes. Macron is a leader in the production and sale of technical sports clothing for professional, semi-professional and amateur teams. It is also the supplier of UEFA Champions League referee uniforms. Macron operates under the motto “Work Hard, Play Harder”.

Before After

Responsible for the personality of the piece

The choice of collar, cutouts, hem, cuffs, has to follow well-defined criteria that seek a visual harmony between the elements. Reflecting the original purpose of the project.


Colours and Creation

Stage where we can distribute the elements such as textures, shapes, tracks, and the harmony between all of them. Sponsors’ brands need to be looked at very carefully.

The team

Ficha Técnica


— Lusitano Ginásio Clube

— Macron

Operation Manager

— Macron – BLA SPORT

Creative Design

— Paulo Lima

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