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Sportswear May 17, 2017

Cobra Coral • Santa Cruz FC 2017

  • Strategy

    Official Kit

  • Design

    Paulo Lima

  • Client

    Santa Cruz FC

Open Project

An epic achievement, 1986 was marked in choral memory

The Project can be initiated through a guideline given by the club, or by the responsible creation team. Following institutional, commercial interests. Translating all the research carried out to the project to be developed.

Before After

Responsible for the personality of the piece

The choice of collar, cutouts, hemming, cuffs must follow well-defined criteria that seek visual harmony between the elements. Reflecting the original objective of the project.

Uniforme 2017 Santa Cruz Cobra Coral

Uniforme 2017 Santa Cruz Cobra Coral

Uniforme 2017 Santa Cruz Cobra Coral

Uniforme 2017 Santa Cruz Cobra Coral


Colors and Creation

Stage where we can distribute elements such as textures, shapes, bands, and the harmony between them all. Sponsor brands need to be observed very carefully.

Time to Deliver

Revisions and
final piece

Branding and Marketing strategies can and should be established to leverage the reach of the product. Through a well-defined target audience, establish a good visual and aesthetic language.

The team

The Technical Sheet


— Alírio Moraes

— Bomache

Operation Manager

— Willam Duarte

Creative Design

— Paulo Lima

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